Relocating To Houston Texas

1 Month Before - Check Out Your Company Relcation Package

  • Determine what expenses will be paid by your company
  • Determine what expenses you will have to cover yourself
  • Start a log of moving expense receipts (some may be deductible)

1 Month Before - Get A Written Moving Estimate

  • Get estimates from two or more movers
  • Including written commitment of pickup and delivery dates
  • Get and check references
  • Check the limits of the insurance offered
  • See if the insurance offered covers replacement cost
  • Purchase additional insurance, if necessary

1 Month Before - Give Cancellation Notices

  • Give day care center proper notice of withdrawal
  • Give notice to clubs, organizations, volunteer activities
  • Cancel newspaper subscriptions and regular deliveries

1 Month Before - Hire A Storage Facility

  • Check the limits of the insurance offered
  • See if the insurance offered covers replacement cost
  • Purchase additional insurance, if necessary

1 Month Before - Instruct Your Bank

  • Arrange transfer of your accounts
  • Order checks with new address
  • Clean out your safety deposit box

1 Month Before - Make Travel Arrangements

  • Hotels / temporary housing
  • Rental cars / plane tickets
  • Transport service for pets and automobiles, if needed

1 Month Before - Store Important Records In Fire-Safe Box

  • School records / pet documents
  • Home purchase / sale papers
  • Wills / marriage / divorce papers
  • Financial records / stock certificates
  • Birth certificates / social security cards / passports

1 Month Before - Transfer Important Records

  • Contact schools and arrange for transfer of student records
  • Contact doctors for medical records and referrals to new physicians
  • Change your insurance policies on property, auto, and medical

2 Weeks Before - Clean Out

  • Take a ruthless walk-through to determine what you want to take
  • Tag the rest of it and hold a garage sale
  • Or call a charity for pick-up

2 Weeks Before - Get Your Stuff In Order

  • Clean out club, gym, and school lockers
  • Pick up all dry cleaning
  • Retrieve and return all borrowed items from friends and neighbors
  • Return library books

2 Weeks Before - Prepare To Leave Your Home

  • Arrange for the disconnection or changeover of utilities
  • Begin packing less-used items
  • Clean out the cupboards
  • Plan remaining meals so you can pack what you don't need
  • Don't buy any more perishables than you have to

7 Days Before - Confirm Moving Arrangements

  • Dates / agreements with moving and storage companies
  • Agreements with auto and pet transportation companies
  • Hotel and temporary housing accommodations
  • Rental car and other transportation arrangements
  • Don't buy any more perishables than you have to

7 Days Before - Let People Know How To Reach You

  • Inform friends and relatives of your forwarding address
  • If you'll be without phone service, get a temporary voice mail box
  • Some long-distance providers offer 1-800 voice mail numbers

7 Days Before - Make Survival Box For Move

  • Paper / pens
  • Adress book / stamps / envelopes
  • Cellophane and heavy-duty tape / scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Paper cups, plates, and towels / plastic utensils / ziploc
  • Facial and toilet tissue / soap / moist towelettes
  • Instant coffee or tea / bottled drinks / snacks / can opener
  • Aspirin / band-aids
  • Travel alarm
  • Flashlight / small tool kit
  • Trash bags
  • Children's games
  • Spare car keys
  • Phone books for the city you are leaving and your destination

7 Days Before - Prepare Belongings For Packing

  • Make an inventory list of all items going with you personally
  • Keep valuable / irreplaceable items (jewelry, heirlooms) with you
  • Clean out and defrost the deep freezer
  • Disassemble furniture or other items
  • Check yard and shed for all items that need packed
  • Set aside box of cleaning supplies and the vacuum cleaner

7 Days Before - Think About Decorating Your New Home

  • Take pictures of furniture / get fabric samples and paint chips
  • Create a "decorating reference file"
  • Have measurements taken of the rooms in your new residence
  • Use floor plans to determine where everything will go

Just Before Moving - Cease Usuing The Refrigerator

  • Remove all perishable food
  • Store anything you still need in a cooler
  • Clean and defrost the refrigerator and freezer

Just Before Moving - Finish Packing

  • Complete packing of all household goods for the move
  • Make sure all boxes are clearly marked

Just Before Moving - Resolve Financial Matters

  • Conclude any arrangements relating to sale or lease of your home
  • Purchase traveler's checks for trip expenses
  • Reconcile and close or transfer bank accounts

Moving Day - Confirm Moving Arrangements

  • Confirm delivery address, directions, and delivery date with movers
  • Make sure boxes are clearly marked
  • Make sure your instructions are understood

Moving Day - Prepare Your Home To Be Vacant

  • Make sure a relative, neighbor, or real estate agent has the keys
  • Make sure that person knows how to contact you
  • Notify insurance agent and police that the home will be empty

Moving Day - Vacate Your Home

  • Clean the home and check entire grounds before leaving
  • Check thermostat and make sure temperature is set appropriately
  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked
  • Make sure all appliances are turned off
  • Leave forwarding address, keys, and garage door opener

When You Arrive - Get Unpacked

  • Supervise moving crew on location of furniture and boxes
  • Begin unpacking necessary basics first (utensils, toiletries, etc.)
  • Give the kids a job to do -- let them start on their rooms
  • Set kitchen and bedrooms up first, to make you feel at home

When You Arrive - Pay And Settle With The Movers

  • Go over "Bill of Lading" with the moving company before signing
  • Check for damaged and missing items and make a note of them
  • The Bill of Lading is usually binding once signed

When You Arrive - Relax And Settle In

  • Check to make sure all utilities are on and working properly
  • Let family members or friends know that you have arrived safely
  • Check in with employer and real estate agent to confirm itineraries
  • Now relax, order dinner out, and take a hot deserve it!

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